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The Andean Explorers Foundation & Ocean Sailing Club is dedicated to the advancement of historical, field and oceanic research, exploration, and the documentation of its findings by means of books, publications, motion pictures, and documentaries. Geared toward the promotion of exploration by men and women of diverse backgrounds, the organization emphasizes the need to explore little-known areas of the world and to bring back photographic evidence of findings on land and sea. History, which encourages original and unique research through the "spirit of exploration," initially assumes a more important role than science or technology. Foundation programs are open to the public at large. Information is shared with educational institutions, scientists, and specialists of many disciplines. Maps, charts, log books, journals, photographs, and numerous collected items, which include nautical instruments, artifacts donated by explorers and seamen, and a variety of other articles of interest comprise the Foundation archives. In addition to land and sea expeditions, lectures are provided as a public and educational service to schools, civic organizations, and professional societies...

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